About Us

Farmhub360 is an e-commerce platform where buying and selling of farm produce take place, such as crops, livestock, food processes, seafoods, vegetables, buying farm machines and seeking veterinary services, and we do exportation of agro commodities.

We create a simple platform solution for all farmers and consumers around the world by bringing the marketplace to there finger tips without the hassle by connecting our local farmer to the new market, consumers to the real organic farm produce and verified veterinary to the right full users.

Our Mission

To strengthen the African Economy through trade

Our Vision

Enhancing trade by improving the supply chain for local produce, while establishing partnerships to leverage technology for improved economic productivity and growth.

CEO: Ali Oseni

About Agent

Import & Export

Skysea multiresources limited

Mr. Ganiyu Biliamin Alade, Our well reliable import and export clearing and forwarding agent who has decades of experience as a Custom Licensed Organization, fully incorporated in Nigeria and commenced with full-service as forwarder and logistics services company, SM-RSNL provides the expertise to handle any challenge that may arise with your imports or exports so you can focus on your business or whatever you do with far-reaching rest of mind.